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Call Numbers: Pre-Medicine

Recommended Call Numbers for Pre-medicine

Q       Science

QH     Natural history

              75-77        Nature conservation.

              201-278    Microscopy

             301-705     General biology

             426-470      Genetics

             471-489      Reproduction

             501-531      Life

QM     Human anatomy

              601-691    Human embryology

QP     Physiology

              351-495    Neurophysiology. Neuropsychology

              501-801    Animal biochemistry

              901-981    Experimental pharmacology

QR     Microbiology

             75-99      Bacteria

             180-189    Immunology

             355-484    Virology


R       Medicine and History of medicine

RA     Public aspects of medicine, Including medical statistics

RB     Pathology

RC     Practice of medicine

              86-88          First aid in illness and injury

              321-576     Neurology and psychiatry

             1200-1245   Sports medicine


RD     Surgery

RM     Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RS     Pharmacy

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