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Call Numbers: Classics

Recommended Call Numbers for Classics

B      Philosophy, Psychology and Religion

B      Philosophy

                 69-5739      History and systems   


BC     Logic

BD     Speculative philosophy

BH     Aesthetics

BJ      Ethics

                 1188-1500    Religious ethics

                 1545-1691    Practical and applied ethics. Conduct of life


BL      Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

BR     Christianity (General)

C       History of Civilization, Archeology, and Biography

CC     Archeology

D        World  History

                  51-95        Ancient history


DE     Mediterranean. Greco-Roman world

DF     Greece

DG     Italy

GN     Anthropology

                  700-875      Prehistoric archeology


GT     Manners and customs (General)

                  170-474        Houses. Dwellings

                  2400-5090    Custom relative to private and public life

N      Visual Arts

                5300-7418    History of art

                7475-7483    Art criticism

                8700-9165    Art and the state. Public art


NA     Architecture

                190-1613     History of Architecture and Historical monuments

                2699-2790    Architectural design and drawing

                2835-4050    Architectural details, motives, decoration, etc.


NB     Sculpture

ND     Painting

P        Language and literature

PA      Classical languages and literature

                   227-1179     Greek philology and language

                   2001-2915    Latin philology and language

                   3051-4500    Ancient (Classic) to ca. 600 A.D. Greek literature


T       Technology

TH     Building construction

U       Military history

V       Naval history

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