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Call Numbers: PPE: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Recommended Call Numbers for Philosophy

B      Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
B      Philosophy

                 69-5739 History and systems

BC    Logic
BD    Speculative philosophy

                 10-41 General philosophical works
                 95-131 Metaphysics
                 143-236 Epistemology. Theory of knowledge
                 300-450 Ontology Including the soul and immortality
                 493-708 Cosmology

BH     Aesthetics
BJ      Ethics

                1188-1500 Religous ethics
                1545-1691 Practical and applied ethics. Conduct of life
                1801-2195 Social usages. Etiquette

BL      Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

Recommended Call Numbers for Economics

H        Social Sciences
HA      Statistics including census
HB      Economic theory

                  848-875         Population 
                  879-3700       Demography and vital statistics 
                  3711-3840     Crises and Business cycles

HC      Economic history
HD      Land. Agriculture. Industry

                1-91               Production. Industrial management 
                101-1395       Land
                1401-2210     Agricultural economics
                2709-2930     Corporations and trusts
                2951-3570     Industrial cooperation 
                3611-4730     The state and industrial organization 
                4801-8942     Labor including wages, strikes, labor unions, & industrial relations

HE      Transportation and communication
HF      Commerce and business administration  

                  5601-5689     Accounting 

More Recommended Call Numbers for Economics

HG      Finance

                   201-1496       Money 
                   1501-3542     Banking 
                   3701-3781     Credit 
                   3810-4000     Foreign exchange 
                   4001-4495     Corporate finance 
                   4501-6270     Stocks and investment
                    8111-9970     Insurance

HJ      Public finance

                 2005-2199     Income and expenditure. The budget 
                 2240-5957     Revenue and taxation 
                 6041-7384     Customs and tariffs
                 8003-8963     Public credit, debts and loans 
                 9000-9698     Local finance 
                 9701-9995     Public accounting

QA      Mathematical statistics

Recommended Call Numbers in Politics

H          Social sciences
HX        Socialism. Communism. Anarchism
J           Political Science              

                 1-9         Official gazettes
                 80-85       Presidents' messages and other executive documents

JA        Collections and general works
JC        Political theory. Theory of the state

                311-323     Nationalism. Minorities. Geopolitics
                325-341     Nature, entity, concept of the state
                345-347     Symbolism, emblems of the state:  Arms, flag, seal, etc.
                348-497     Forms of the state, including democracy
                501-628     Purpose, functions, and relations of the state
                571-628     The state and the individual. Individual rights. Liberty

JF        Constitutional history and administration

                201-723     Organs and function of government
                800-1191    Political rights and guaranties 
               1321-2112   Government. Administration 
               1411-1674   Civil Service 
                2011-2112   Political parties

JK        Constitution of the United States
JL        Constitutions of British America and Latin America
JN        Constitutions of Europe
JQ       Constitutions of Asia. Africa. Australia. Oceania

More Recommended Call Numbers for Politics

JS        Local Government
JV        Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration
JX        International Law. International relations 

                63-1195       Collections. Documents. Cases 
                101-115       Diplomatic relations (Universal collections) 
                120-191       Treaties (Universal collections) 
                1305-1598   International relations. Foreign relations 
                1625-1896   Diplomacy. The diplomatic service 
                1901-1995   International arbitration and organizations 
                 2001-5810  International law 

N           Visual arts (General)
NC        Drawing. Design. Illustration. 

                1300-1766   Caricature. Pictorial humor and satire 

U           Military science and History of arms and armor
UA         Armies

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