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Call Numbers: Physics & Engineering

Recommended Call Numbers for Physics and Engineering

Q        Science

QA      Mathematics

QB      Astronomy

                    460-465      Astrophysics

QC      Physics

                    81-114       Weights and measures

                    120-168      Descriptive and experimental mechanics

                    170-197      Atomic physics, Quantum theory and solid-state physics

                     220-246      Acoustics. Sound

                     251-338      Heat

                     350-467      Optics. Light Including spectroscopy

                     474-496      Radiation physics (General)

                     501-766      Electricity and magnetism

                     770-798      Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy Radioactivity

                     801-809      Geophysics. Cosmic physics

                     811-849      Geomagnetism

                    851-999      Meteorology. Climatology


QD      Chemistry

                  450-731      Physical and theoretical chemistry

                  Including quantum, solution, surface, and radiation chemistry, and stereochemistry, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, and photochemistry


T       Technology

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