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Call Numbers: Asian Studies

Recommended Call Numbers for Asian Studies

D        World History

                    1-937            History of Asia
                    36-39.2                 Arab countries
                    327-329.4             Central Asia
                    331-349.9             Southern Asia
                    350-375                Afghanistan
                    376-392.2             Pakistan
                    393-396.9             Bangladesh
                    401-486.8             India
                    488-490                Sri Lanka
                    493-495.8             Nepal

                    520-560.72    Southeast Asia 
                    531-560.72           French Indochina
                    554-554.98                   Cambodia
                    555-555.98                   Laos
                    556-559.93                   Vietnam
                    557-559.9                            Vietnamese Conflict
                    560-560.72                    Democratic Republic (North Vietnam), 1945-

                    561-589                Thailand
                    591-599                Malaysia
                    608-610.9             Singapore
                    611-649                Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)
                    651-689                Philippines

                    701-799.9       China
                    730-731                Ethnography
                    733-779.32           History
                    781-796                Local history and description
                    781-784.2                           Manchuria
                    785-786                              Tibet
                    796.H7                                Hong Kong
                    798                        Mongolia
                    798.92-799.9         Taiwan

                    801-897          Japan
                    833-891.5              History
                    894.215-897          Local history and description

                    901-937          Korea
                    904.8-922.4642     History
                    918-921.8                         War and intervention, 1950-1953
                    924-925                 Local history and description
                    930-937                 Democratic People's Republic, 1948-

J        Political Science              
JF      Constitutional history and administration
JQ     Constitutions of Asia. Africa. Australia. Oceania
JV      Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration
JX      International Law, International/Diplomatic relations

P       Language and Literature

             1-8844          Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
             501-889        Japanese language

             901-998         Korean language
            1001-3208      Chinese language

PK   Indo-Iranian languages and literature

PL    Languages and literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

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