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Call Numbers: Education Studies

Recommended Call Numbers for Education Studies

L          Education 

LA        History of education

LB       Theory and practice of education

                     51-885        Systems of individual educators and writers 

                    1025-1050   Teaching (Principles and practice) 

                    1051-1091   Educational psychology 

                    1101-1139   Child study.Psychical development 

                    1140            Preschool education 

                    1141-1489   Kindergarten 

                    1501-1547   Primary education 

                   1555-1602   Elementary or public school education 

                   1603-1695   Secondary education. High schools 

                   1705-2286   Education and training of teachers 

                   2300-2430   Higher education 

                   2801-3095   School administration and organization 

                   3201-3325   School architecture and equipment 

                   3401-3499   School hygiene 

                   3525-3640   Special days. School life. Student customs

LC        Special aspects of education 

                      8-63              Forms of education 

                      65-245          Social aspects of education 

                      251-951        Moral and religious education. Education under church control 

                     1001-1091     Types of education 

                     1390-5158     Education of special classes of persons 

                     5201-6691     Adult education. 


Education in other countries: 

LD         United States 

LE         America, except United States 

LF         Europe 

LG        Asia. Africa. Oceania

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