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Call Numbers: English

Recommended Call Numbers for English

G       Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation

GR     Folklore and Folk literature

N        Visual Arts

ND     Painting

                2890-3416        Illuminated manuscripts and books

P       Language and Literature

P       Philology and linguistics

                 87-96         Communication and Mass media

                 101-409     Language

                  21-141      Linguistics

                  201-297    Grammar                 

                 301            Style. Composition. Rhetoric 

                 306-310     Translating and interpreting 

                  311           Prosody. Metrics. Rhythmics

PE      English

PL      Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

                   8000-8844        African languages and literatures

PN      Literary history and collections (General)

                   80-99               Criticism

                   101-245            Authorship     

                   441-1009          Literary history

                   1010-1551        Poetry

                   1600-3299        Drama

                   1660-1692        Dramatic composition

                   1865-1993       Tragedy, comedy, radio and television

                   1993-1999        Motion pictures (Films)

                    2000-3299       Theater.

                    3311-3503        Prose

                   4001-4355        Oratory.

                   4500                  Essays

                   4699-5650        Journalism. 

PR      English literature

PS      American literature

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