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RefWorks : Organize Research

An essential tool for managing your research projects.

Organize Research

Reworks provides multiple methods of organizing your research, including projects, folders, and tags.  Projects allows you to maintain separate reference collections for different research projects, while folders let you to organize and separate citations into smaller groupings.  As you upload citations, you can also assign descriptive tags to organize and group citations across multiple folders.

Create a Folder

Folders help you organize citations by class, subject, or a particular research paper. Additionally, when you eventually create your bibliography, it will pull your references from a specified folder. 

1) To create a folder, expand the MY FOLDERS option from the left menu. Then click +ADD FOLDER and name your new folder. 

2) To assign your references to a folder, first select (☑) the reference(s) that you would like to move. 

3) Next, select the ASSIGN TO FOLDER tab. Choose your desired folder and click APPLY

Assign to Folder


Create a Subfolder

You can also create subfolders within your folders. This may be helpful if you have multiple deliverables for one research project (bibliography, annotated bibliography, literature review, etc.), or other organizational needs that require an added layer of specificity. 

To create a subfolder, click the 3 vertical dots on parent folder, and select ADD SUBFOLDER

Add Subfolder

Create a Project

Projects will separate reference collections for major research projects. One way to think about projects is that they are entirely separate instances of RefWorks, but you only need to sign in once. Each project will have its own set of references, folders, sharing, and so on. It is not easy to move references between projects. Thus, you may prefer to use folders. However, if you conduct several major research projects, and would like to keep your references lists sealed off from each other, projects might be a useful feature. 

1) To create a project, click the drop down arrow next to UNTITLED PROJECT, and selected MANAGE PROJECTS

2) Next, click the CREATE NEW PROJECT button, add a project name, and click SAVE

3) When you import new references, you will now be asked to confirm your preferred project folder. 


4) To change your project, expand the project drop down menu, and select your desired project.



Tag your Citations

Tags allow you to group references by topic across multiple folders. 

Select (☑) applicable references and click the ADD TAGS tab. Search for existing tags, or type in your own. Tags can be by topic, class, or by any other grouping criteria. 

Tag your Citations while Editing

Tags allow you to group references by topic across multiple folders. 

1) Click a reference, and then click on the pencil icon to edit bibliographic information and to add tags. 

2) Scroll down to tags, and select ADD TAG. Type in your own tags. 

3) Now you can click on your tag to group references by topic. 


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