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RefWorks : Create Bibliographies

An essential tool for managing your research projects.

Create Bibliographies

RefWorks can create bibliographies in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and more! 

Create Bibliography 

1) Within your research folder select all citations that you would like included in your bibliography. If no references are selected, your bibliography will populate all references listed in that folder.

2) Once you have chosen citations, click CREATE BIBLIOGRAPHY.

3) Under the style menu, type your preferred citation style edition in the search field.

4) Your references will automatically populate with your chosen citation style. Make sure to review your citations for accuracy. See issues? Go back and edit your references. Otherwise, click COPY TO CLIPBOARD to copy and and paste your references into your paper.

Create Annotated Bibliography 

1) From your preferred folder, click a reference that you would like to annotate. Then select the pencil icon to edit the reference information. 

2) In the ABSTRACT field, delete the existing abstract and replace it with your annotation. Click SAVE

3) After completing all of your annotations, click the CREATE BIBLIOGRAPHY tab. 

4) Next, select a citation style version that says ANNOTATED WITH ABSTRACTS

Options Include:

  • APA 7th Edition, Annotated with Abstracts
  • MLA 7th Edition, Annotated with Abstracts
  • Chicago Manual Style 17th edition (note,annotated bibliography) - With Chicago, add annotation to NOTES field instead of abstract field.

5) Reference should now include a citation and annotation.


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