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Zotero: Importing References

Learn how to use Zotero, a citation management tool to organize and cite your references with ease!

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Importing references from a database

Many online databases allow you to automatically export citations to Zotero so you don't have to manually enter them. However, it's important to know how to enter and edit citations, as you'll need to double-check that any automatic imports are correct, and make sure they conform to the capitalization standards of your citation style.

1. Ensure the Zotero desktop app is open before importing a citation.

2. From the article page, click the Zotero Connector button in your browser toolbar.

Zotero will generate a citation in your library and attach the full text, if available. Be sure to quickly check your reference to be sure that it accurately captured the citation information. It is far easier to do this as you add references rather than when you are finished writing your paper and bibliography.

For JSTOR: In order to save the full text, you may need to click the full text PDF link and accept the terms and conditions. Then go back to the article page and use the Zotero Connector.

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Zotero is free and open source. It is run by a nonprofit who does not mine your data. Learn more about why Zotero is awesome here:

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