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OverDrive User Guide

Step 1

Go to to access our OverDrive eBook collection.

Step 2

Find an available title in the collection and click Borrow or click the title cover to open its details page and learn more about it.












Step 3

If prompted, sign in with your campus username and password.



Step 4

Choose a lending period for the title (if available).  Then, tap Borrow again.



Step 5

If a book is currently checked out, you may place a hold on the item.  The system will ask you for your email address.  You will be notified when the book is available.



Platform Details

User Access Model

most titles allow unlimited users
select few are limited to 1 user at a time

Collection Size

4,000+ eBooks


printing / saving pages not allowed

FAQs & More

How many titles can I borrow?  You may borrow up to 10 titles at one time.

Do titles need to be manually returned?  Can titles be returned early?  Titles automatically expire at the end of their lending period and are returned to the library.  If you finish a title early, you can return it manually to free up space in your account. 

Can I renew a title I have checked out?  Yes, if there are currently no holds on the title.

How long can I check out a book?  Books can be checked out for 7 or 14 days.

Can I place a hold on a title that is checked out?  Yes, you can place a hold on a checked out item.  You are allowed up to 10 holds at a time.

How do I place a hold on a title?  Will a hold expire?  When a title isn't available to borrow, you will see a Place a hold button instead of a Borrow button.  You may be prompted to sign in and will be asked for your email address to place the hold.  Once the title is available, the hold will be automatically borrowed for you and you will receive an email notification letting your know the title is waiting in your account. 

What apps or software do I need to access OverDrive titles?

On Smartphones, Tablets, Windows 10, and Chromebooks:  It is recommended you use the Libby app to browse, borrow, and enjoy titles from our OverDrive collection.  Libby is designed to be the quickest, easiest way for most users to get started with the OverDrive digital library.

If you can't install Libby on your mobile device, you can use the original OverDrive app to borrow and enjoy OverDrive titles.  The OverDrive app offers users access to the same digital content from the OverDrive digital library, but has slightly different features and broader compatibility than Libby.

On Computers and EReaders:  PC and Mac users won't need any special software to enjoy most OverDrive titles.  Most titles are available in the OverDrive Read format, which allows you to read right in your web browser.  If you want to transfer titles from a computer to an ereader, you can use the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

On Kindles:  You can wirelessly send ebooks from the OverDrive website, the Libby app, or the OverDrive app to your Kindle.

Can I add bookmarks and make notes in titles?  Yes, you can add bookmarks to any borrowed eBook.  If you are using the OverDrive Read (the browser based reader), you can also add highlights and notes to borrowed eBooks.

Sharing titles (new feature Sep 2020):  you can now share titles on social media or directly with friends using the Share button found on the titles' Reading Journey and details screen.  A shared title page shows the book's summary, basic details, and nearby libraries that offer the title through the Libby app.

Exporting reading data (new feature Sep 2020):  you can export their reading data, including titles in a specific tag, activity timeline, a title's Reading Journey, which includes bookmarks, notes, and highlights. You can select how to export your data and use it how you'd like, whether that's posting a favority tag to Twitter, graphing your 2020 reading stats, or revisiting notes & highlights for a book club.  Note, you have the option to disable activity recording from your activity timeline.



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