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Learn how to use Zotero, a citation management tool to organize and cite your references with ease!


Welcome! This guide will show you how to manage your citations with Zotero.

Why should I use Zotero?

  • Zotero helps you keep track of articles and books you've found in your research that you may want to use in a project or paper.
  • It allows you to save copies of the articles so you don't have to find them again to access the full text.
  • It generates citations for your research in any major format (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).
  • The Microsoft Word integration helps you insert in-text citations in your paper.
  • It is completely free, and it's open source, so it's updated frequently, and support is easy to find.
  • It is installed on all of Lilly Library's computers, so you can get a feel for it at the Library, then use it on your own computer.

Where can I find help with Zotero?

  • Zotero is easy to use, and this guide will give you most of the information you'll need to work with it, but if you find you need more help, you can stop by the front desk, or call or email Beth Daniel Lindsay.
  • Additional documentation, including video tutorials, is also available from the Zotero website.
  • Many, many people use Zotero, so another strategy to troubleshoot is to do a search for zotero [describe your issue]. Look for recent posts from the Zotero forums and/or pages from other libraries.

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Zotero is free and open source. It is run by a nonprofit who does not mine your data. Learn more about why Zotero is awesome here:


All pages on this guide with the exception of "Creating a stand-alone bibliography" and "Proxy settings" were adapted from Reed Library of the State University of New York at Fredonia's Citation Manager: Zotero research guide. We thank them for sharing with us!

Lilly Library is a founding member of PALNI, ALI, and The Oberlin Group

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