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Podcast search engines

Note: if you are searching on an iPhone, then using Apple Podcasts (the app), or another app that uses the Apple Podcasts directory such as Overcast is a great strategy. Apple Podcasts isn't designed to work from browsers, however.

Attribution: This table was adapted by Abbey Elder from “Citation vs. Attribution” by Lauri Aesoph, licensed CC BY 4.0.
Citation Attribution
Purpose is academic (e.g. avoiding plagiarism) Purpose is legal (e.g. following licensing regulations)
Does NOT typically include licensing information for the work Typically includes licensing information for the work
Used to quote or paraphrase a limited portion of a work Used to quote or paraphrase all or a portion of a work
Can paraphrase, but cannot typically change the work’s meaning Can change the work under Fair Use or with advance permission
(e.g., under most CC licenses)
Many citation styles are available
(e.g., APA, Chicago, and MLA)
Attribution statement styles are still emerging, but there are some defined best practices
Cited resources are typically placed in a reference list Attribution statements are typically found near the work used
(e.g., below an image)

Copyright-compliant images

You can also choose the "Tools" filter on a Google Image search and choose Creative Commons licenses.

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