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Search Tips

Near Searching: Specifies how close words appear together in a text.

Example: If you would like words to occur within the same sentence or paragraph, use N12 (in EBSCO) or ~12 (in JSTOR) to request that the search terms appear within 12 words of each other.

Near Searching Example (EBSCO)

Standard Search: franquista AND cine finds 606 articles

Near Search: franquista N5 cine finds 57 articles

Near Searching Example (JSTOR)

Standard Search: Spanish Civil War AND Film finds 20,686 articles

Near Search: “Spanish Civil War” ~5 finds 16 articles

Subject Headings: Subject headings are standardized controlled vocabulary that groups articles together by theme or topic. Subject headings attempt to combat challenges posed by synonyms.

Note: Subject heading terms are not universal and vary from database to database. Use a database thesaurus to locate subject headings, or view subject headings assigned to articles on a database’s search results page (if available).


Truncation/Wildcard Searching: If a search term has multiple endings, search the root word and add an asterisks (*) at the end.

Example: Franco* searches Francoist, Francoism, and Franco, Francisco

Limiters/Filters: Most databases allow you to narrow your search results according to certain criteria. Common limiters (also called filters) include: Full-text, Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, Publication Date, Publication Type, and Language.


Featured Books (Español)

Lugares de memoria de la Guerra Civil y el franquismo : representaciones literarias y visuales

Lilly Library General Collection: PQ6140.C57 L843 2006

Enciclopedia del cine español : cronología por Pascual Cebollada y Luis Rubio Gil

Lilly Library General Collection: PN1993.5.S7 C38 1996

Cultura herida : literatura y cine en la España democrática por Cristina Moreiras Menor

Lilly Library General Collection: PQ6073.P6 M67 2002

Featured Books (English)

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