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Steve Boyett -- November 18, 2021

Fiction Reading with Steve Boyett


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Kevin Vallier -- November 11, 2021

Speaker: Kevin Vallier

Topic: "Trust in a Polarized Age: Restoring the Open Society"
Sponsored by WPPP


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Victoria Sork -- November 8-9, 2021

Speaker: Victoria L. Sork

Sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar series


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Robin Jensen -- November 1, 2021

Speaker:  Robin Jensen

Topic: "Destroying the Old Gods: Sacred Images and Idols at the End of the Fourth Century CE"

John Charles Lecture


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Arthur Diamond '74 -- October 18, 2021

Speaker:  Arthur Diamond '74

Topic: "High Costs and Few Cures: Can We Speed Health Innovation?"
Sponsored by WPPP


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Dr. Jerome Adams -- September 27, 2021

Speaker:  Dr. Jerome Adams, 20th Surgeon General of the United States

President's Distinguished Speaker


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Steve Wildman -- September 23, 2021

Speaker:  Steve Wildman

Sponsored by the Economics Department


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William Luther -- September 21, 2021

Speaker:  William Luther

Topic: "What is Bitcoin Really Worth?"
Sponsored by WPPP, PPE & Economics


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Marianne Chan -- September 21, 2021

Speaker:  GLCA Award Winning Poet Marianne Chan


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Governor Christie Whitman -- September 13-15, 2021

Speaker:  Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Sponsored by the Lecture & Film Committee


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47th Annual Peck Lecture -- April 22, 2021

Speaker: Kenji Yoshino


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TEDxWabashCollege -- April 11, 2021

Speaker: Julian Guthrie


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Speaker: Lewis Ziska


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Brigance Forum -- March 22, 2021

Speaker Dr. Dave Tell

Remembering Emmett Till


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Poetry Reading by Christopher Kempf -- March 16, 2021

Poetry Reading by Christopher Kempf


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Social Justice Essentials for Victor Hugo -- March 18, 2021

Speaker:  Dr. Marva Barnett

Social Justice Essentials for Victor Hugo : Love & Conscience


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J. Harry Cotton Lecture in Philosophy -- March 15, 2021

Speaker:  Dr. Jason Read

Working for a Living : Alienation and Identity in Wage Labor


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African American Directors and Hollywood Blockbuster Budgets -- March 2, 2021

Virtual Talk with Dr. Keith Corson

African American Directors and Blockbuster Productions
Malcom X to Black Panther : Evolution of African Americans Access to Blockbuster Budgets

Wabash Public Policy Project Speaker -- March 1, 2021

Speaker:  Dr. Teresa Bejan

'Mere Civility' : The Lost History and Practice of Tolerance

President's Distinguished Speaker Series -- February 23, 2021

Speaker:  Liz Plank

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